Saturday, November 3, 2012

Difficulties That Home Business Owners Encounter

Owning a home based business is probably a major industry today and in the future since more and more people are becoming home based entrepreneurs. Being an owner of your own business and being your own boss has its many advantages, however there is also a price that comes with all that, and some difficulties that home business owners must overcome.

Being a home based entrepreneur means that your house is now your office. This changes your life and also the lives of your family.  All things associated with running your business are now handled at home. Computer work, phone calls, planning your next move all now occurs in the same place where your family lives. This can cause some distraction. If you have small children than you will need to look after them, your relatives could come for a visit etc. All of this are distractions which off course don’t help you in running your home based business, as opposed to being a salary worker when your work and your personal life are separated and there is a fine line between them.

Another concern in being home based entrepreneur are your clients. Being an entrepreneur means you have to meet clients on a regular basis. This will most likely require you to meet them in your home. This way your clients, a complete strangers will be privy of your home , your lifestyle and your family. If you are a private type this can be more or less uncomfortable for you and your family. If you decide to bring your clients to your home than you will want to leave an impression of  professionalism and integrity. It’s in your interest to meet their expectations of professionalism so they may feel that have come to the right place where they get best service. This may require an investment and some effort to make your office, parking, house and everything a client may see in your house more presentable.

Another difficulty you may face is the loss of space in your house. By setting up your office at home you and your family have to give up on a room or two. This can be a bedroom which means no extra bedroom where your relatives can sleep when they come over. If your set up your office and you basement than there is less room for your gym equipment or tools or something else. Having a home office you and your family will simply have to give up some space.

Working from home has its advantages and can provide you with a career and being close to your family at a same time. However that requires changes and you have to be comfortable with have they affect your life. Being a home business owner has it’s difficulties, but in the end difficulties mastered are opportunities won.

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