Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Protect Your Business from Non Paying Customers

For home based business owners customer satisfaction is the most important. That is nothing strange because if the customers is unsatisfied with the product and service he received for his money, he will go someplace else. This is why all business owners pay much attention to things such as customer service, secure payment processors and offering guaranties. These are all measures to help them keep their customers.

Worrying for the interests of their customers is the main concern for most home based business owners, but they also need to devote time  worrying about their own interests. The customers are not only ones that can be a subject of fraud, the business owners are also many times subject of fraud done by their customers. There are certain measures home based business owners can take to ensure they are not scammed by fraudulent customers.

They can for instance have everything in writing. By having everything in writing they help that both them and their customers have clear understanding of each sides rights and responsibilities. Written contracts help avoid any misunderstanding on what product or service customer can expect to receive in exchange for his money. The interest of both the home based business owners and their customers are protected with written contract.

Another way for home based business owners to protect themselves from being scammed by fraudulent customers is by requesting a deposit for the products and services or using a payment system like Paypal for their financial transactions. One of the common mistakes that home business owners make is having too much trust in their customers. As it happens they ship a product or completed some kind of service to the customer before a payment from the customer is cleared, and guess what, they never receive their money. This is especially true if they do their business and handle their financial transactions online. For online payment it is recommended you use payment system like Paypal which protects both the business owner from non-paying customers and the customers from damaged or lost product.

Home based business owners that familiar with the local laws are on a right track to protect themselves for problematic customers. If you leave an impression on customer that you have knowledge about legal things might discourage him to attempt some kind of fraud. You will know how to protect your legal rights in case you was not paid for product delivered or work finished, such as filling a lawsuit against a non-paying customer.

Protecting your interests is as much as important as protecting the interests of your customers.
By applying these measures you will stay protected from non-paying customers, as well as establish a long lasting and mutually satisfactory business relationship with your customers.

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